You will know the story of coin and its value coming from prehistory until Middle Ages. One may see copies of first Polish coins and have a fascinating opportunity to struck a coin replica by own hand.

The duration of the lesson: from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Number of people participating in lessons: approx. 45 people

Lessons are dedicated for children from the age of ten.

I. Didactic part (approx. 25 minutes):

1. Introduction to the lesson

2. Payment in the times of barter. Participants receive a bronze ax, marten’s skin, evaporated salt as pre-monetary in-kind money, popular in Europe. Comparison with the means of payment in other continents (cowrie shell, manilla)

3. The emergence of the first coins in the world in Lydia, approx. half of the seventh century BC

4. Production and dissemination of coins in ancient Greece, approx. the sixth century BC. The role of the Phoenicians, art of minting.

5. Impact of the Republic and the Roman Empire on popularization of production and circulation of coins in Europe:

From ace to denarius (explanation of the origin of the name “common” European currency

approx. 214 BC).

6. Start of coin production in Poland:

The role of Boleslaw the Brave in the production and circulation of native coins.

7. Getting acquainted with three models of Polish denars – “PRINCES POLONIE”

approx. 1005, “GNEZDUN CIVITAS” from 1000, and the denarius of Mieszko II “MISICO”

approx. 1013: The selection of one coin model by the lesson participant and making

a copy of one of the oldest Polish coin.

II. Practical part (20 minutes):

1. The etymology of the word “minter”. Participants receive smooth aluminum

rings, in turn, each participant places the ring between the two appropriate

stamps. By one hit with a hammer the participant prints the two models at the same time.

Together with a description of made copy, the participant receives a souvenir from the lesson.

2. Lesson end.

Information and reservations: daily from. 9.00 am to 5.00 pm by phone: (052) 30 25 055 or e-mail at:
Please order the lessons with a minimum of 7 days in advance. Lessons are conducted for groups over 20 people.

Adults and children 6 PLN

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