Lesson duration approx. 1 hour

Up to 30 people can participate in the classes.

Age of participants: over 6

I. Didactic part (approx. 20 minutes)

1. Welcome-introduction to the lesson.

2. Discussion on the following issue: what living conditions did Biskupin population search for to build a fortified settlement.

3. Woodworking: knowledge of tree species used in the construction of individual elements of the town.

4. Participants learn what tools were used for chipping wood-replicas of axis.

5. Multimedia presentation: elements of settlement development

II. The practical part (approx. 35 minutes) Work in groups of 5-6: 1. Participants build models of huts on a scale of 1:100 and a part of the rampart.

III. The end of the lesson (approx. 5 min.)

1. The discussion of the causes of the settlement collapse.

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