Lesson duration: approx. 1 hour.

Up to approximately 45 people can take part in the classes.

Age of participants: over 6

1. Theoretical part (approx. 20 minutes): 1. Welcome – introduction to the lesson.

2. The explanation of the basic concepts: archeology, archeological site.

3. Archeologist’s tasks during excavation works: among others, measurements, photos, data sheets.

4. The diversity of pottery over the centuries-vessel as a cultural and chronological determinant: shapes, ways of decorating taking into account the site 4 Biskupin.

5. Tasks of Ceramics Preservation Laboratory- discussion

2. Practical part (approx. 40 minutes):

1.The participants receive replicas of the vessels in parts, their task is to match the parts appropriately and glue them.

Individual work of each participant finishes with the search for the right element, assembling and gluing the broken contemporary vessel and painting it.

3. End of the lesson.

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