During this lesson you will learn a lot about first pots and how they were created in ancient Biskupin and in Middle Ages. You may exercise there your own pot.

Approx. 45 people can take part in the lesson.

Age of participants: no age limits

I. Didactic part (approx. 20 minutes):

1. Welcome – introduction to a lesson

2. Clay – easily and widely available material since the ancient times

Cult figures – Paleolithic, IX-VI thousand BC Near East – the development of agriculture, sedentary lifestyle, production of vessels, the famous burnout of a basket with clay as a hypothesis of the first stage in the production of vessels.

3. The oldest ceramic forms on Polish soil.

4. The preparation of clay (various additives) for modeling

5. Techniques of vessel formation:

6. Manual modeling

7. Turning the wheel

8. The vessel surface – processing (calendering, decorating, firing)

9. The settlement in Biskupin from the first half of VIII century BC – pottery culture of the Lusatian culture and variety of shapes and decorations.

II. The practical part (approx. 25 minutes):

1. Participants of the lesson see replicas of vessels from different archaeological cultures.

Each person participating in activities at the workstation makes a pot with the use of the technique known to the inhabitants of Biskupin town and this shand-made form becomes a unique souvenir from the visit to the reserve.

2. The end of lesson (packaging forms, washing hands) – goodbye

Information and reservations: daily from. 9.00 am to 5.00 pm by phone: (052) 30 25 055 or e-mail at: lekcje@biskupin.pl Please order the lessons with a minimum of 7 days in advance.

Adults and children 6 PLN

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