Participants of these lessons will practically learn how to elaborate flint stone into tools. The function and meaning of flint tools will be characterized by specialists. There will be also a show of making fire methods. You can be trained in prehistoric archery as well.

Participants of practical demonstrations will learn how the fire was ignited, how the flint used to make tools was processed. The usefulness of these tools and their application will be discussed. The lesson ends with a practical course of prehistoric archery for all participants.

Lesson duration: about 45 minutes.

About 45 people can take part in the lesson.

Age of participants: over 10

I. Didactic part (about 20 minutes)

1. Introduction to the lesson

2. Natural environment in the Stone Age,

3. Basics of cultural adaptation of the prehistoric man:

the production of flint tools, their function and methods of handling them, manufacturing tool holders made of wood and antler bones, methods of igniting the fire using wood, flint pyrite and flint, complex use of fire, the emergence of the oldest kinds of hunting weapons and their evolution, the first social behavior, the role of group hunting, magic of hunting, domestication of the hunting dog.

II. The practical part (about 25 minutes):

1. On the shooting range using the reconstruction of a bow and arrows of the Stone Age, each participant will be trained with the basics of archery:

archery position, holding the chord, preparation of arc, donning of arrow, the basics of instinctive aiming, release of the arrow.

2. End of lesson.

Information and reservations: daily from. 9.00 am to 5.00 pm by phone: (052) 30 25 055 or e-mail at:
Please order the lessons with a minimum of 7 days in advance.

Adults and children 6 PLN

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