You will know the ancient script of Egyptians – hieroglyphs, and realize how it was done on organic material. Everyone can write down a name on a piece of papyrus and take it back home.

Lesson duration: approx. 45 minutes

45 people can take part in the classes: 45 people

Age of participants: over 10

I. Didactic part (about 20 minutes):

1. Egyptian civilization lasted nearly 3500 years and left astounding monuments. Its

elements became the basis of our civilization, among others, the ability to write.

2. The location of Egypt – the role of the Nile flowing from the mountains of Ethiopia to the Mediterranean sea.

3. The subjects of Pharaohs – hierarchical structure.

4. The emergence of writing together with the creation of the state of Egypt 3100 years BC

5. Hieroglyphs – the sacred rites (drawings), initially used mainly to create religious inscriptions, carved in stone,

Hieratic, demotic,

6. Papyrus- its role as literate material, the Greeks

• Romans

7. The plant of papyrus used for other purposes,

8. The rules of spelling, what did the ancient Egyptians write with,

9. 822 JF Champollion and “Rosetta Stone”.

II. Practical part (about 25 minutes):

1. Participants, after previous exercises, receive fragments of papyri on which they reflect the

characters of hieroglyphic writing. This personally handwritten papyrus is a souvenir from the lesson.

2. The end of lesson

Information and reservations: daily from. 9.00 am to 5.00 pm by phone: (052) 30 25 055 or e-mail at: Please order the lessons with a minimum of 7 days in advance.

Adults and children 6 PLN

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