During this lesson you will see how textiles were made from sheep wool by different techniques. Participants can be trained in old style weaving and have occasion to weave their own ribbons.

Lesson duration approx. 1 hour
Up to 30 people can participate in the classes.
Age of participants: over 10

I. Didactic part (approx. 25 minutes):

1. Welcome- introduction to the lesson,
2. The first traces of weaving skills-prints of braids on ceramics,
3. Near East (Neolithic-breakthrough VII / VI thousand BC) the emergence of linen and wool textile
4. The first European evidence for weaving (Switzerland, Germany).
5. Archaeological sources pointing to the development of weaving on the Polish territory.
6. Weaving in Biskupin settlement from the middle of VIII century BC, presentation of various stages of work:
Preparation the raw material (wool) for spinning
Vertical loom,
Weaving techniques using the so-called “heddle”
Weaving tablets,
Dyeing textile with vegetable dyes.

II. The practical part (approx. 30 minutes):

1. Participants prepare wool for spinning, then using a spindle they make a thread. The main task of the people involved in the lesson is a hand-made belt with the use of “heddle”. A souvenir from these classes is an independently woven colorful wale.
2. End of the lesson.

Information and reservations: daily from. 9.00 am to 5.00 pm by phone: (052) 30 25 055 or e-mail at: lekcje@biskupin.pl Please order the lessons with a minimum of 7 days in advance.

Adults and children 6 PLN

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